My LED Passion

LED’s are my passion. The website, is intended to be both enjoyable and insightful. There are many different aspects to Light Emitting Diodes these days and I try to show you as many as I can find. I touch on their History, their many applications and where they are going in the future.

LED Circuits
At one time, Light Emitting Diodes were only used in electronics, by electronic minded people. That is obviously not the case anymore, but us techies still love to play around with them. As you will discover, non-technical people can play around with LED’s too. Whether you build your own circuit and make them, “Flip Flop” back and forth, or purchase some wonderful new gadget that does the work for you, you will see that there are so many ways to enjoy them. Take a look at my LED Circuits page to see the circuits that you can build. While you’re there, you can build an LED Throwie.
While you are there you can learn how to Solder, Desolder and Install LEDs.

Grow Lights
Gardening is fun and relaxing whether you do it outdoors or indoors. But sometimes you just can’t garden outside, usually because of the weather. I put together a project to see how well Light Emitting Diodes stack up against other types of lights. Maybe you could get some ideas from it or maybe you could just check it out to see what happened. Either way, gardening indoors can be very rewarding, and with the right lighting, very inexpensive.
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LED Christmas Lights
Why are LED Christmas Lights so special? There are many reasons, and I’ll tell you what they are on my LED Christmas Lights page. I have some beautiful pictures of LED Christmas lights at my home (2008) and you can see my reviews on different types of Light Strings. I even explain why LED Christmas lights are so great. There are many other surprises there too.
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