New LED Website URL

I’ve given my website a facelift and a new name.
The new name is almost the same as the old one. The old one had dashes between the words and the new one doesn’t. The new and improved website can be found at
If you go there you will find information about Flashing LEDs, Growing with LEDs, LED Product Reviews, LED Christmas Lights and Much Much More.

LED’s for Growing

Did you know LED’s can be used to grow plants? They have many advantages over the old methods. They are cooler, they use a lot less energy. (That’s great news if you are “Growing Green”), and they take up less room. Check out for more information. Also, check back here sometime next week. I’ll be writing more about LED’s and growing. See you then.

Fun With LED’s

I don’t know about you but I love to play with LED’s. It is so much fun to come up with new and different ideas, and also to mess around with old ideas. One that comes to mind is a little circuit that was featured on a website many years ago by Bill Bowden. It is the Glowing Eyes circuit. You can see (pun intended) it on my website HERE and build it. I originally used it to make a scary pair of glowing eyes in bushes on Halloween. Since then I’ve come up with many more fun ideas and you can to. Just visit and start building new ideas of your own.

LED Throwie

Have you heard of an LED Throwie? People are talking about them. Making them is simple. All you need is an LED(a flashing LED works best), a 3V cell(battery), a strong, tiny magnet and some tape. All of these can be purchased easily. Check out my website, for all of the details on what they are and how to make them. They are so simple and fun, and anyone can make them. No experience necessary.

LED Flasher Circuits

LED flasher circuits are very popular amongst electronic technicians but did you know that non-technical types can put together these circuits too? There are so many applications LED’s can be used for, many people would love to assemble a Bike Light, or maybe a Fake Alarm Flasher for their car. Check out “the simplest flasher circuit” on my website. It contains only two components, both of which can be purchased at Radio Shack or on the web. Why not head over to my website and check it out. The simple flasher requires no soldering and can be put together in 10 seconds.

There are many other Flasher Circuits available HERE and a lot of other information about LED’s and their History, Applications and just lots of fun at

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